Can our pets be in the photo?

Yes! Keep in mind we consider your pets as people too and will count towards determining the price of the photo.

Can we do the photo outside?

It depends on the weather and time of day. The majority of our photographs are taken inside and we cannot guarantee the quality of any outside photograph due to the lack of lighting control.

How long does it take?

Our typical photo sessions with groups of 1-4 people take about 20-25 minutes to dress up and get you out of here, with about a 45 minute wait on the finished product. Groups doing multiple sittings or are larger than 5 people need a bit more time, but it is time well spent. Don't let this be your last stop!

How big of a group can you do?

In our over 40 years of experience we have shot groups including more than 60 folks, now when we have really large groups we may have to mix some costume styles.  

Do babies count as people?


Can we order reprints?

Absolutely! We will keep your chosen photo on file indefinitely. Just give us a call or e-mail us with your last name and the date printed on the back of your photograph and will fill your order. Prices listed under additional prints on the PRICE LIST tab, and will include any shipping cost as well.

No appointment needed! Just come on in, select the western style that suits you, we will help get you dressed up in the provided costumes with awesome props. We will pose you and your group, take a couple of shots and change up the poses a bit giving you some choice, you'll pick out your favorite picture, place your order and come back to pick up your photo the very same day.

How it works